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1) Domain Name Setup

Domain Name Setup


As said here elsewhere, use anybody but  GoDaddy to Register and your domain names. I really can’t say enough bad things about them. Here are the main reasons:

Even if you are using them only for domain name setup they are upsell-hell.  Everything about their admin is designed to make it so they will sell you more crap you don’t need. The admin is also confusing which I believe is deliberate with the intent to sell you more or keeping you from cancelling services. For example: I remember trying to cancel an auto-renew on a domain name (Go Daddy loves those auto renew re-bills) There were two separate areas in the admin you had to disable  – if you didn’t do both  it would continue to auto renew.

In addition, about a year ago they got rid of virtually all and any customer support they ever had. You now cannot email them or fill out a form online,  instead you have to call them, probably wait on hold and if you ever get a hold of them –  they have the opportunity to try and sell you some more bullshit you don’t need.  Don’t use them.

In Internet affiliate marketing time is money. Always try to find ways to save time / effort and obviously avoid things that waste your valuable time. In this age of the Internet, it’s an insult and laughable that one of the largest Internet services companies would make you call  them and wait on hold for service. There is no reason to call anybody.

Domain Setup in NameCheap:


Go to Domain List

Choose your domain name:

Go to Nameservers>Add Nameserver

(Here you add 2-3 nameservers given to you when you set up new domain hosting at DreamHost)






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