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How to Build a Website in 5 Easy Steps.

If you are a newbie I would recommend starting right here. If you don’t not know how to build a website, here’s the fastest, easiest and cheapest way.

(If you are already an experienced affiliate you know where to go on Matt’s Money)

  1. Register Domain Name(s) There are many domain registers these days. I would use just about anybody but  GoDaddy for numerous reasons. I recommend NameCheap.com. They are super affordable and have an easy-to-use admin (details on this step here)
  2. Setup your Hosting:  I use DreamHost. They are super affordable, their admin is beginner-user-friendly and they have “One Click Installs” of of all kinds of software to easily setup and manage your own websites. Once your account is up you can then add an unlimited number of domain names to host (details on this step here)
  3. Install WordPress to build your website. It’s 100% free and  it’s a “One Click Install” in the DreamHost admin (details on this step here)
  4. Point Your Domain(s) to DreamHosts servers: Once you add a new domain to host inside DreamHost, they will give you a couple of server links called nameservers which you then copy and paste into the appropriate field in Namecheap. (details on this step here)
  5. Design and Build Your Website. This is the fun part!

Once you have signed up for both Name Cheap and DreamHost, it literally takes a few minutes to setup any new website.



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