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2) Setting up Hosting

Setting up Hosting

I can’t say enough good things about  Dreamhost.

Not only are they economical, their admin is completely user friendly and helpful as you go along – so you can easily understand setting up hosting for your websites. They also have online customer support, knowledge bases and other resources to help you along.

Go to Domains> Manage Domains

Add Hosting to a Domain / Sub-Domain

Domain to host: Type in www.YOURDOMAIN.com


(There are a myriad of other options here but Dreamhost already has defaults selected  which don’t need changing)

Scroll down and select = Fully Host This Domain

DreamHost will then provide you with your hosting servers which look like this:

  • ns1.dreamhost.com
  • ns2.dreamhost.com
  • ns3.dreamhost.com

Point your Domain name to this server by Copying and Pasting  those into your nameservers fields under the same domain name in NameCheap.



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